The Ghastly Inversion of Hellmouth Purgatorium

2008 Jun 16

Just a campaign concept.

The Hellmouth is an immense crater, spewing fire, opening directly into the Abyss itself.

A lone tower stood within it, huddling close to the northeastern wall. Its base was rooted in Hell but its peak faced the eastern lip of the crater, an emissary sent into the mortal world. Demons built the tower as a passageway between the underworld and our own. They emerged from it, seized whom ever they could find, and dragged them back inside, where unspeakable horrors awaited.

There was also formerly an obsidian bridge, stretching from the top of the eastern slope to the tower’s highest window. Mortal kings would bring criminals and political prisoners to the lip of the Hellmouth, placing them into the hands of the eternally damned for “safe keeping.”

According to a promise made centuries ago to the gods, the demons of Hellmouth were forbidden from permanently claiming the righteous or the indifferent. Only evil souls belonged to them forever. Nevertheless, insufficiently corrupt individuals placed in their care by moral hands could be held for up to a fortnight before the gods demanded that they be released across the bridge. Predictably, the demons did their best to ensure that even a temporary visit to Hellmouth Purgatorium was a worthwhile one.

However, all this changed when the demons failed to uphold their part of the bargain. Lightning fell from the sky and tore through the obsidian bridge, shattering the connection between the Purgatorium and the mortal world. The tower itself up-ended, its point falling like a dagger into the heart of the Abyss. Currently, the Purgatorium still stands, but with it’s infernal foundation wreathed in the clouds and its peak buried in the center of the Hellmouth.

Unfortunately, your fortnight of incarceration, based on the dark whims of a local tyrant, had just begun when the gods rained fire on the bridge. Now, trapped in the peak of an upside-down tower embedded in hell, you and your companions have to fight your way back towards the surface, up towards the levels of the Purgatorium that were formerly closest to hell, where the foulest criminals and most hideous demons dwell. And, then, you have to find some way of getting out.

(Along the way, maybe you can figure out who the demons are holding, such that the gods smote them for their transgression.)

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