The Agony

2008 Jun 21

These are notes for a crusaderpunk Agon hack inspired by Wormwood, Engel, and Dark Heresy.


Each class has a special ability unique to them and a number of other special abilities that they can purchase at character creation or with advances.

  • Presbyteri, “Clergy,” start with Shaping, which allows them to manipulate the surrounding environment by invoking prayers and commands. In combat, they can roll Spirit + Cunning, instead of their attack dice, and choose to move up to 3 Beast, Mortal, or Monster characters whose positioning roll they beat, including allies and themselves. Further advances can increase the number that can be moved to 5 or unlimited.
  • Machinae, “Machines” start with Armor of God, which gives them a d6 Armor die that can never be impaired further, and two levels of Armor (d8, d10) above that. With additional advances, the level of armor that cannot be impaired can be increased to d8 or d10.
  • Fratres Hospitalarii, the “Knights Hospitaller,” start with Healing Touch, which allow them to roll Spirit + Heal vs. a target’s Corruption + highest Wound level, with success healing the highest wound. Advances can allow them to heal the highest two wounds or all wounds.
  • Fratres Templarii, the “Knights Templar,” start with Dark Magicks, which allows them to roll Lore + Corruption vs. a target’s Spirit + Lore, with success giving them a penetrating wound that ignores armor. Advances allow these attacks to also increase a target’s Corruption.
  • Fratres Paenitentii, the “Knights Penitent” who have been redeemed from corruption, start with Inspire Terror, which operates similar to “Fear” in Agon, allowing them to roll Name + Spirit against opponents, with victory giving others a -2 to attack rolls against them. Advances can raise the penalty to -3 or -4.
  • Hostias Angelii, the “Angelic Hosts,” start with the Agon ability Swift, allowing them to move one space whenever they like. Advances can up this to 2 or 3 spaces per round.
  • Mercenares, “Mercenaries,” start with nothing but what they gain through Corruption.

2 Responses to “The Agony”

  1. Guy Shalev Says:

    How far can the Clergy move those it moves?

  2. Jonathan Walton Says:

    I was thinking one space, just like a standard positioning move.

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