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Character Creation in Agonia (1)

2008 Jun 22

So I think this hack’s just called Agonia. First, it’s a Latin word from the same root as the Greek ἀγων, where Agon takes it’s name. Second, it means “agony,” specifically in reference to the Agonia Iesu in hortu Gethsemanie, the legendary suffering of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane before his trial and crucifixion, part of the Passion narrative. Third, I think the Church, in this particular setting, views the current period of Pestilence as Agonia Mundi, a time of righteous suffering for the entire world that precedes the Resurrection of the Dead (which may already be happening, with zombies and such), the Second Coming, and all that.

Character Creation, Part 1


Where are you from? This is a specific community, not just a general geographic region, but the larger region determines what bonuses you get. You can also be from a community between two regions or have a mixed heritage. Maybe your family’s related to the Moorish knights of Cordoba, but your father was actually a merchant in Italy. In such a case, you select one bonus from each Homeland instead of two from one. Example regions (which include any on this map with a proximity to Europe):

The Caliphate of Cordoba
The Kingdom of Leon & Castille
The Holy Roman Empire
The Papal States
The Fatamid Caliphate
The Kingdom of Hungary
The Byzantine Empire
Rum (Suljuq Turkey)
The Kingdom of Damascus
The Kingdom of Jerusalem


Who is your lord, your direct superior? Who do you serve? You get additional bonuses based on who they are, but not their rank. Serving a clergyman is the same as serving The Pope. Examples:

A Man/Lady of Wealth
A Man/Lady of God
A Man/Lady of Birth
A Man/Lady of Deeds
I Serve No One But God
I Serve Myself Alone

Aptitudes & Failings

Raising and lowering your base ability dice is done by describing Aptitudes and Failings. You are gifted at one thing, but generally less capable at something else. You start with up to four of each, with Aptitudes raising the base d6 to d8 and Failings lowering it to d4. You must take a Failing for each Aptitude, and vice-versa.

Battle Abilities & Weapons

Your initial Battle abilities and Weapons are determined by your Heritage. For example, the Muslim lands of Cordoba are renowned for their fine Andalusian horses and excellent steel swords, so a Cordoban’s primary Battle abilities would be Sword and Horse.