Character Creation in Agonia (2)

2008 Jun 23

The character sheet reads like…

[Name], [Lineage] [Lineage Type] (Choose: Birth, Labor, Action, Battle) [Name Die]
Vassal of [Master] [Master’s Name Die]
[Class] [Class Bonuses] [Special Maneuvers]
[And Forgive Us Our Debts] [As We Forgive Our Debtors]
[Archangel] (Choose: Micha’el/Michael/Mikha’il, Gavri’el/Gabriel/Jibra’il, Rafa’el/Raphael/Rafa’il, Ezra’el/Azrael/Azra’il) [Favored Abilities] [Divine Favor]
[Vanities] (Glory-based Keys, basically) [Glory] [Unspent Advances]
[Corruption Track] (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12) [Corruption Die] [Afflictions]
Birth Abilities: [Insight] [Grace] [Might] [Spirit]
Labor Abilities: [Toil] [Craft] [Heal] [Lore]
Action Abilities: [Athletics] [Cunning] [Hunt] [Horse]
Battle Abilities: [Close] [Medium] [Ranged] [Defense]
Protective Gear: [Shield] [Armor] X X X
[Melee Weapons] (Chosen by Player)
[Ranged Weapons] (Chosen by Player)

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