Dungeon Jam 3: Break On Through

2008 Jun 23

To recap:
Dungeon Jam 1: The Dwarven Underground (jaywalt)
Dungeon Jam 2: The Elven Watchtowers (dev)

The first part of the mission to liberate Svartálfaheim was supposed to be easy: get out of town without the elvish watchmen knowing what you’re up to. If the Queen is alerted, well, that sword of hers is pretty harsh and if Svartálfaheim was going to be liberated by dead dwarves, surely they would have done so by now. With that in mind, the crew has recruited a few of the younger elves to the Underground’s cause, many of whom have parents or kinsmen (older siblings, uncles) who serve in the Queen’s Watch. They know when the watch rotation happens and have even gotten a few guards to agree to allow you all to sneak quietly past.

However… nothing ever goes according to plan. One member of the Underground was late to the midnight rendezvous (decide who and why). When they finally arrive, the bulk of the Queen’s Watch is fast on their tail (decide how they know). Time to leave, and fast!

Now, unfortunately, the Watch are alerted to your plans. On the way to the Svartálfar barrows that mark the outskirts of Svartálfaheim, the largest and most strictly guarded of the Queen’s towers stands, blocking the Road of Return to prevent escapades of exactly this nature. If you’re caught, you’re all dead, even the elvish youth, because the Queen doesn’t mess around with defying her laws or her Watch.

Guess it’s time to fight. Let’s just try not to kill any of your buddies relatives, yeah?

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