Dungeon Jam 5: Ghosts in the Great Machine

2008 Jun 24

To recap:
1: The Dwarven Underground
2: The Elven Watchtowers
3: Break on Through
4: Into the Forgotten Subaqueducts

Emerging from the aqueducts, our travelers find themselves next to at least a hundred waterwheels, many still being turned by the current flowing in from above. While some are part of a series of mills once used to grind grain, others transfer their torque through an endless pattern of gears to other mysterious devices throughout Svartálfaheim. Welcome to the bowels of the Great Machine.

Unfortunately, over one hundred and forty-seven years, the machinery has decayed or been jammed by flotsam (and/or jetsam). Even where the gears are turning perfectly, various components have been left spinning in the air, disengaged from one another. Still, despite all this, it seems like it’s not going to take much to get a large swath of the Great Machine running again. There are diagrams carved into the walls, which are helpful in knowing what needs to be done. Some sections are definitely irreparable, at least for now, with the tools at your disposal, but the rest…

And you have to admit, you’re all quite curious to see just what it can do.

However, before you get too excited, remember that you are now in Svartálfaheim itself, home to thousands upon thousands of your dead dwarven kinsmen. There are quite literally ghosts in these machines. Indeed, to stop their life’s work from falling into the hands of the 147th Grandchilde of Vecna, many of the dwarven craftsmen who built the Great Machine threw themselves into its bowels, fouling the gears up with their own messy remains and dying curses. Having used their last breaths to ensure that the Great Machine would never run again… they may not be too happy with anyone who tries to fix it. Beware of realigning gears that are stained black with dried dwarven blood.

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