Dungeon Jam 7: Among the Barrowkind

2008 Jun 27

To recap:
1: The Dwarven Underground
2: The Elven Watchtowers
3: Break on Through
4: Into the Forgotten Subaqueducts
5: Ghosts in the Great Machine
6: The Skymind Redeemers

The Skymind Redeemers in the group will most likely push for avoiding the forgotten aqueducts altogether and taking the more direct route to Svartálfaheim. After all, they say, it’s not like traveling through the tombs of our ancestors is going to be a problem. Riiiiiiight. What they’re really after is the Vaettirsverd, the blade with which the Skymind cut open the portal that allowed the 147th Grandchilde of Vecna to enter this world.

The Vaettirsverd was a ritual tool used in Svartálfar ceremonies since way back before any of the survivors can remember. In the chaos of Svartálfaheim’s fall, it was taken from the site of the Grandchilde’s entrance and placed somewhere in the extensive burial chamers of the First King of Svartálfaheim, who was buried along with all of his children (to keep them from usurping the throne from his chosen heir, a niece) and several other extended relatives (brothers, sons-in-law, etc.).

The true name of the First King has been lost to history, since construction on Svartálfaheim began before the dwarves developed a written language, so some investigation and wandering may be necessary before his burial chambers can be tracked down. Even then, it’s not certain where the Vaettirsverd actually is, but the tomb of the First King definitely leads down into Svartálfaheim proper, being attached by a long tunnel to the Royal Temple of Moradin, where the rulers of the city once paid allegiance to the crafting god who later proved so false.

Oh yeah, and of course this is a barrow, a burial mound from preliterate archaic times, right, not a nice Egyptian-style stone tomb. It’s a glorified cave with passages that may be partially collapsed and wild animals who’ve nested in it and ancient ceremonial artifacts all over it that date from the dawn of dwarven civilization.

And, due to the Grandchilde, the dead do not sleep so soundly. The barrowkind have the Vaettirsverd in their possession and they would rather stick it through your nice little hearts and not part with it at all. And they know you’re coming.

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