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Geiger Also Stabs Seattle Whilst Blowing It Up

2008 Jun 3

Apparently there was not one but TWO Geiger Counter games at GPNW. I am totally stunned.

In addition to the nuclear holocaust + evil AI game, Ben and Ping introduced a bunch of new players to Geiger with an old school prom slasher flick. After my own heart, really.

Now I guess I have to finish this game.

Geiger Nukes Seattle

2008 Jun 2

Lukas threw down some Geiger Counter at Go Play NW. He posted about how everybody died and the world was nuked. Also, there’s a bunch of quotes up on this board that look suspiciously like things that came from their game.


EDIT: Here’s the map from that game.

Levi Goes 2.0

2008 Jun 1

Levi Kornelsen has a cool new blog that, for now, focuses on the same issues as my RPG 2.0 category. I think it’s safe to assume that I doubleplus agree with nearly everything Levi says about anything.