XP = Review + Actual Play

2008 Jul 2

I’m starting a new category called XP, in which I review recent play experiences to try to learn from them. My goal is not to review the game that I played or give an ‘Actual Play’ account of what happened or where the problems were, but to review my personal experience of the game, what was fun, what was not fun.

XP posts take for granted that I might have been playing the game ‘wrong’ or that other players in my group might have been uncooperative or that I faced any number of minor disasters that strike all the time. These things happen. XP isn’t about finding the ‘right’ way to play a game or the ‘right’ people to play with; it’s just about reflecting on what went down, including all the little human imperfections, most especially my own, and seeing what I learned from a given session.

One Response to “XP = Review + Actual Play”

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