Uncovering Agon Apocrypha

2008 Jul 4

I just stumbled upon John Harper’s Shadowrun hack of Agon. Definitely some stuff worth stealing for Agonia, but it forces me to rethink some things.

He has characters investing points of Divine Favor in special abilities, which I think is very rad. Seems like a neat way to handle the infection spreading into characters. If the characters’ infection hits a certain point, they are required/allowed to invest points of Divine Favor in crazy symbiotic abilities as their bodies are taken over. But, of course, this also lowers your Divine Favor (further removed from God!) and will eventually lead to the Pestilence consuming you. Neat!

He also has some crazy sorcery that generally serves to buff your allies or replicate some of the stranger NPC powers from Agon. Honestly, I’m not sure how appropriate this is for this hack inspired by Wormwood and Engel (no real magic, aside from Wormspeakers), but I might use the approach for something slightly different. Maybe you could gain sorcery-style powers through infection? Not sure.

There’s a bunch of other interesting Agon apocrypha on the Randomwiki. For my purposes, the best things worth stealing are Wilhelm’s generalization of maneuvers, which players could use in Agonia to buy custom maneuvers with advances, and Fred’s generalization of Heroic Trait bonuses, which should be pretty helpful in putting together the Lineage and Vassal bonuses I have in mind.

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