Apok in Agon

2008 Jul 8

Finally figured out the Corruption rules for Agonia.

Corruption is Agonia’s version of Fate. It represents how much of your body and soul has been consumed by the demonic Pestilence. I originally though that Corruption needed a much longer track than Fate, but now I’ve changed my mind. The reason is that, in Agonia, Corruption can be healed by clergy, though it is difficult and you always end up with a net gain in Corruption over time. Basically, all the Corruption you’ve gained since your last attempt at purification can be halved, rounded up, at a given healing session. That’s all. So you’re healing 1 Corruption for every two points you gain, at most.

If you choose to be one of the Knights Templar, the demi-god equivalent, you can start the game with a higher level of Corruption, due to trafficking with the dark powers.

Higher levels of Corruption also allow you to invest points of Divine Favor in Afflictions, which are special attacks, maneuvers, and powers generated by the parts of your body that are consumed by the Pestilence. But, if your Corruption is purified down to a level that doesn’t support certain Afflictions, you temporarily lose them until your level of Corruption increases once again.

Those with high levels of Pestilence (the equivilent of at least a d10 in name) also have one other option, the Cherubic Purgation, a process by which three angelic hosts cooperate to destroy every speck of the Pestilence in a warrior’s body. It is extremely painful and many people (though not PCs) die in the process. However, resulting characters are horribly scarred all over their bodies, from both the Pestilence and the burning heat of Purgation; wear masks to cover such scarring and mark them as penitent, attempting to make reparations for their misdeeds; are especially tough, gaining natural armor; lose all Corruption and can never gain any more (losing all the benefits from marking off boxes of Fate); cannot retreat from battling the forces of the Pestilence; and are never merely defeated, but perish doing God’s work. Basically, the Cherubic Purgation gives Corrupted heroes one last chance to fight until they can fight no more, winning redemption or going out in a blaze of Glory.

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