Draft of Poster-Sized Transan

2008 Jul 23

My new plan is to print Transantiago on two sides of a poster, at least 11×14″ or so. The rules would go on the reverse of this, which illustrates how the structural elements from When The Forms Exhaust Their Variety are going to be worked into this draft. I may roll up the laminated poster and attach a little bag to it with dry erase pens and tokens to mark subway stations and bodhisattvas, so you can play it right off the bat.

Only bringing one copy to GenCon, though. Still needs to be playtested more than once, before I start distributing copies :)

5 Responses to “Draft of Poster-Sized Transan”

  1. Matthijs Says:

    You is one crazy American.

    This game shows how one strand of role-playing development has gone full circle from battlemats through verbal storytelling straight back to drawing on mats with squares on them. Which, strangely, highlights even more how far this is removed from old skool gaming.

    And, of course, I want to buy this product. Whenever it’s ready.

  2. Tim Jensen Says:

    Wouldn’t it be difficult to look up a rule if you have to turn the board over?

    What about printing the rules in a wide margin around the edges of the board, so it looks like a Monopoly board in reverse?


  3. Matthijs: Thanks! I’ll send you a copy through Lulu Europe once I get a draft of the rules done, so you can playtest it with crazy Nordic folks in addition to my crazy American playtesting.

    Tim: That is a neat thought, actually. In my mind, the rules are basic enough to not need to be referenced during play, but that may not be true for everyone, considering it’s a pretty strange game.

  4. Tim Jensen Says:

    Another thought on packaging: You could sell it in a cardboard tube like these guys:
    along with the counters and any other loose bits it comes with.

  5. If I was going to go that route, I think I’d go ahead and get some clear plastic tubes, so you could see the map:


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