Not Going to Be at GenCon Afterall

2008 Aug 11

Just wanted to let folks know.

Due to some personal issues that recently came up (nothing really bad, but not something good either), I’m not going to be able to attend GenCon as planned. There are just more important things that I need to deal with here that trump all other concerns.

Hopefully, the Geiger Counter beta will still be available through a promotion at the Design Matters booth (buy two games there, get Geiger free). Also, if anybody plans on running Geiger Counter at GenCon — John, Lukas, Ben, Ping, etc. — you might try to talk to someone at the DM booth first, since they should be able to hook you up with copies of the beta to hand out to folks who play it and dig it. That all assumes that I can finish the final layout for the beta today, get it printed at Kinkos, and get the copies in Nathan Paoletta’s hot little hands before he starts driving to Indy. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll find some other way to distribute them.

I’m mostly sad that I won’t be at GenCon to see all the folks I only get to hang and play games with once a year, plus meeting all the new folks that I haven’t met yet. Oh, and I’ll miss playing Transantiago. The sales and marketing aspects of the con, plus the general insanity and stress, are things I won’t miss. This was going to be my last GenCon for a while anyway, so I was preparing for the separation anxiety, in a way. I just wasn’t prepared for it to happen this soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to use it as an opportunity to remember why I’m really excited about making and playing games and continue reconsidering how I will continue to do that in the future. Since I’ve decided to go the hobby-not-business route, GenCon probably isn’t the best choice for distributing and promoting free games anyway, though I originally rationalized going again this year as a kind of transition.

In any case, I wish those who will be there the best of luck, especially my Design Matters compadres, who I’m sure will destroy all monsters and maybe some sucka MCs on the side. Also, there’s some great folks like Shreyas and Elizabeth and Rob Bohl and some other cats who will have their first games out. Very exciting stuff.

Now back to finishing Geiger…

7 Responses to “Not Going to Be at GenCon Afterall”

  1. Jmstar Says:

    I’m really sorry you won’t be there – I was looking forward to seeing you and playing with you. I hope to get a copy of Geiger Counter one way or another!

    Take care of yourself and best wishes,


  2. Marc Majcher Says:

    I’m also sad that I won’t be seeing you and playing with you again this year, but I know how life goes, and I hope that everything is well with you. Next time, for sure!

  3. Tim Jensen Says:

    What Jmstar and Mark said. Is there any way I could get a peek at the current version of Transantiago? This is one of the games I was most looking forward to playing this year.

  4. Jason: I should be in NC sometime between now and Thanksgiving, so hopefully we can get a chance to hang then.

    Marc: Yeah, playing games with you last year was swell. We’ll have to do a repeat at some point. You going to Dreamation?

    Tim: Right now I’m focused on finishing the Geiger beta, but I’m hoping to have a playable version of the Transan rules done soon. Maybe I’ll throw up an outline of how play goes once Geiger is printed? Are you hoping to organize a game at GenCon? If so, Elizabeth and Shreyas would probably be really interested as well, plus maybe John (the “jenskot” one) who had his bodhisattva turn inside out during the JiffyCon playtest last year.

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m always up for playing Transantiago.

    Also, we were driving past Qingdao on our way home from Nathan’s one morning, and we were like OH HEY we should see if Jonathan wants to grab lunch with us! We totally would have, had we known that you were going to deprive us of awesome GenCon hangouts in the future.

    Hope stuff works out for you, mister.

  6. Willow Says:

    You should do what I do- go to cons, play games, but don’t buy in to booths or worry about selling games.

  7. Jason Says:


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