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All Tomorrow’s Parties

2008 Sep 13

It’s really weird how I sometimes sit down and have temporarily lost interest in a lot of the games I’m designing or was previously really excited about running, only to be struck from left-field with an overwhelming desire to run something completely different.

Today, for example, I’m really excited about setting aside Transantiago, The Snow Queen, and Agonia to pick up my notes (posted April 17 & 18, 2007) for running Continuum using the Solar System / The Shadow of Yesterday.

Specifically, I’m actually thinking about reviving a novice corner (warning: Continuum jargon begins here) called “All Tomorrow’s Parties” that I ran in a play-by-email-game in 2001 or so. That game never really went that far but included Jack Aidley (Game Chef 2004 winner) of all people. For some crazy reason, I decided to set that game in Coventry, England, but I think a new version of that corner should be set in Cambridge or Somerville. One of the best things about All Tomorrow’s Parties, as a corner, was me getting to play their rather unconventional mentor, Gibson, who was himself a reformed Narcissist. Gibson’s younger self, then, was the leading mastermind behind many of the Narc attacks within ATP’s jurisdiction.

Already, I’m pondering an opening session involving an incident where a Narc takes off from a plane in Logan and is effectively fragging Somerville and Cambridge from the air (I’ve noticed a lot of low-flying planes recently, definitely within the 1 mile range of a Span 1). Everybody loves spanning through the air, after all…