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Visions of Agonia

2008 Sep 25

Josh Roby asked me about Agonia over on Story Games, and I said:

It’s the infected hellspawn of Wormwood and the German crusaderpunk game Engel, with WH and WH40K as kissing cousins… It’s Agon in Latin & Arabic with a demonic plague transforming the world, blackpowder weapons, symbiotes, sorcery, and wood-and-iron siege engines you wear like power armor. Scream your allegiance to the Archangel Jibril as you fire your Cordoban djinn-fire arquebus into the abyss.

Honestly, that’s not quite what the game does right now, but that’s what I want it to do, I think, by the time I’m done with it. But I also want it to have a flexible, somewhat-nebulous setting that the players collaborative create themselves, probably by gradually drawing it on a map over the course of the campaign, Geiger-style. Also, I think I want the Ghastly Inversion of Hellmouth Purgatorium to be one of the sample adventures.

Still pondering.