Visions of Agonia

2008 Sep 25

Josh Roby asked me about Agonia over on Story Games, and I said:

It’s the infected hellspawn of Wormwood and the German crusaderpunk game Engel, with WH and WH40K as kissing cousins… It’s Agon in Latin & Arabic with a demonic plague transforming the world, blackpowder weapons, symbiotes, sorcery, and wood-and-iron siege engines you wear like power armor. Scream your allegiance to the Archangel Jibril as you fire your Cordoban djinn-fire arquebus into the abyss.

Honestly, that’s not quite what the game does right now, but that’s what I want it to do, I think, by the time I’m done with it. But I also want it to have a flexible, somewhat-nebulous setting that the players collaborative create themselves, probably by gradually drawing it on a map over the course of the campaign, Geiger-style. Also, I think I want the Ghastly Inversion of Hellmouth Purgatorium to be one of the sample adventures.

Still pondering.

4 Responses to “Visions of Agonia”

  1. Nick Says:

    I went to a college where we all read the Divine Comedy (no, not a religious school, thank you). One of the things that I saw lots of folks get regularly hypnotized by was the careful structure of Hell, the circles and bolgias and deserts with fire raining down and lakes of ice, etc.

    Anyway, I think you could tell a lot about a setting (one focused on fighting demons and avoiding sin) based on the shape of it’s hell. Could that be part of the game? Maybe as a replacement for the gods in agon, you make a goetia that simply sketches the various chief demons?

    Oh, and also maybe heaven and angels. No one’s ever as interested in them. :)

  2. It’s funny. I was actually just thinking the same thing. I always wondered why most of the maps of Dante’s hell look an awful lot like an inside-out version of Brueghel’s painting of the Tower of Babel. There’s something about architecture on a massive scale that just says “unnatural and probably malicious.”

    Yeah, the archangels and demon lords will definitely be getting more coverage, to make them more individualized and interesting.

  3. Meserach Says:

    This reminds me of my potent desire to remake In Nomine as an indie game in some way.

    I’m presently GMing an In Nomine campaign, in fact, which only makes the desire more pressing,. Not that the game isn’t a lot of fun – but that’s not much to do with the game’s system, and everything to do with the people I’m playing with and the setting and tone of the game.

  4. Being an In Nomine fanboy from way back, I totally know what you mean. The system is pretty terrible at what it’s supposed to do. The strange thing is, though, is that there’s no real point in someone else licensing the original French game, INS/MV, because it’s more of a Paranoia style comedy, while the US version is more face-stabby and about real moral issues.

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