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How to End a Scene

2008 Sep 28

Paraphrasing a somewhat drunken conversation between myself, Dev, and Nathan Paoletta last night. Nathan was somewhat miffed that people are going apeshit over Matt Snyder announcing the closing of Chimera Creative, when nobody seems to have noticed Nathan’s recent announcement about Hamsterprophet Productions.

  • Ron has been clearly doing his own thing (Spione) for an explicitly non-scene crowd for the past several years.
  • Clinton is busy being a ruby rockstar and has always hated the “scene” portions of the post-Forge community.
  • Matt just announced his retirement from publishing.
  • Paul has never joined IPR and has always done his own thing.
  • Vincent is making an explicit effort to make games for audiences that are not members of the post-Forge indie crowd.
  • Jared has always given the finger to the scene.
  • Luke makes his own scene, more or less.

Hopefully this means that the trendy scene portions of the post-Forge community will gradually fade away and be replaced by something else. Seems like the obsession with the “new new thing,” what Malcolm Sheppard (who did have some good things to say on occasion) called the indie games interpretation of the supplement treadmill (must buy newest indie games!) is still persisting, but maybe some shifts are beginning to happen? Who knows. Too early to tell yet, I think, but it does seem like major shifts have been going on over the course of the past couple years.