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Murderland Games

2008 Oct 9

Here’s a list of the games created for my week-long Murderland contest. If you wrote a game and it isn’t up here, let me know, because these are the ones I’m going to read, comment on, and potentially play to determine a winner. Note that you have a while to finish, if you’re still working, since the contest will go on as long as it’s still Friday somewhere in the world. I probably won’t get around to reading them until Sunday.

01. Joe McDonald – The Crows Danced Against It
02. Jared A. Sorensen – Twa Corbies
03. Matthijs Holter – We Eat Murder
04. Vincent Baker – Gathering [unsubmitted]
05. Simon Pettersson – A Murder of Four
06. Jesse Burneko – The Extraordinarily Horrible Children of Raven’s Hollow
07. Daniel Yokomizo – Murderland Road
08. Ara Kooser – Raven: Murder in a Faraway Land
09. Sean Musgrave – Murderland: Descent of the Raven Queen [eaten]
10. Mike Sands – The Wisdom of Ravens
11. Mike Sugarbaker – Moving to Murderland
12. Tomas HV Mørkrid – Raven: Claw and Beak
13. Sage LaTorra – Consider the Ravens
14. Filip Łuszczyk – A Conspiracy of Ravens
15. Jason Morningstar – Bodymore Murdaland
16. Marshall Burns – Crow’s Hoard
17. Josh Roby – Quoth the Raven
18. Christopher Weeks – Crow’s-Feet
19. [Not] Ben Lehman – The Raven Story Game
20. Mark Villianatos – Carrion
21. Danny Ozbot – If a Raven Calls Your Name
22. Jason Dettman – Murderland
23. Ben Wray – Murderland: Quest for the Sphinx of Quartz
24. Dave Cleaver – Three Ravens
25. Logos Seven – Thought and Memory
26. Stephen Bretall – Murderland Bites!
27. Simon Brake – One for Sorrow
28. David Donachie – A Parliament of Rooks
29. David Wendt – Raven, Wolf, and Cow: Tales from the Murderland Cafe
30. Elizabeth Shoemaker – Murderland [emailed]
31. Mo Turkington – Crow
32. Nathan Paoletta – Witness the Murder of Your Father and Be Ashamed, Young Prince
33. Eero Tuovinen – Valravnar for Ásagrimmr
34. Adam Dray – Crow: Space Scavengers
35. Jackson Tegu – Life Histories of North American Scavenging Birds Including the Crow
36. John Kantor – The Crows: Murderland

Chronicle of the Four Nations

2008 Oct 9

Making a list of most the extant information about the Four Nations project, because we lost most of Shreyas’ and Thomas’ contributions when Thomas’ server crashed a couple years back. Unfortunately, it gives a fairly biased picture of what was going on, since it’s mostly my stuff that’s left.

Avatar game posts on Thou And One
Four Nations posts on Thou And One
Four Nations livejournal community
Four Nations posts on Secret Wars
The Severance of Heaven-Earth Confederation

Something I’m Pondering

2008 Oct 9