Bliss Stage + Mist-Robed Gate = The Matrix

2008 Oct 16

The three standard objectives are: 1.) get in, 2.) do whatever needs doing, and 3.) get out. Hotshotting or special missions can give you additional objectives.

Relationships with team members are measured in Truth (replacing Intimacy), Trust, and Stress. To determine whether an objective has been completed, roll dice representing the combined Truth of every team member assisting on a particular objective. Place dice for the following: yourself, the connection with your operator (replacing Anchor), each team member involved, and avoiding exposure (replacing Nightmare).

If you don’t like your choices of dice placement, you can roll more dice by choosing “fight” or “flight.” “Fight” means attacking your opposition in an attempt to defeat them (temporarily in the case of Agents), while “flight” means running away, abandoning your other objectives and switching directly to the final objective: getting out.

In a “fight” or “flight” situation, each player involved in the mission rolls an additional die, narrating the result as either a new advantage (+), a new calamity (-), or a neutral result (0). Additionally, the machines get to up their threat by one level, making you place an additional die on a location. After each round of “fight” or “flight,” the mission leader must decide whether to continue fighting/fleeing or stop and place the dice they now have, giving a result for the objective and allowing them to switch to a new objective if they choose.

Unlike in Bliss Stage, the operator cannot pull the plug on team members until the “get out” objective has been completed, at whatever cost, otherwise team members simply die when their plug is pulled. However, if the mission leader has declared “flight,” any team member who rolls a positive result (+) can choose to remove that die and exit the mission, giving the team leader one less die to place (since they are gone), but also removing a valuable success (+). The team leader, however, cannot leave until all the other team members are out, dead, or if two other team members both spend a positive die (+) to remove them.

If your connection to your operator has been damaged or compromised during the mission, getting out becomes harder.

3 Responses to “Bliss Stage + Mist-Robed Gate = The Matrix”

  1. MarkCausey Says:

    What’s your ETA? We have a mini-con this weekend where it could be played …

  2. DevP Says:

    This is neat, but it’s also neat to keep our matrix system more lightweight a la MRG + gestures + etc.

  3. Jonathan Walton Says:

    Mark: Well, if you’re familiar with Bliss Stage, there’s probably enough in the I Need An Exit category that you could try it out, but we haven’t tried out any of these bits yet (including Dev’s mirrorshades mechanic). Most likely, this’ll be my project for November, instead of NaNoWriMo.

    Dev: I can respect that. Honestly, I’m just using the “I Need an Exit” category to post all sorts of different ideas for running The Matrix, which may or may not eventually all come together. So, yeah, I’m totally interested in collaborating with you and other people on putting something together that works for us (i.e. some subset of the Boston crowd), but I’m also interested in exploring other possibilities.

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