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The Bliss-Robed Lie, Part 1

2008 Oct 21

In the same way that Bliss Stage is not Neon Genesis Evangelion, but something kinda like it, this hack is intended to deliver something that resembles The Matrix, while allowing individual groups to tailor various elements to suit their personal preferences.

The World, the Flesh, & the Devil

This is what they told you
when they liberated you from bondage.

In the Beginning. God created the Heavens for his divine children – the Aeons – and their mother Sophia, a reflection of God’s wisdom.

The Creation of the World. One Aeon, the Great Architect, designed the World to be an inescapable cage for humanity. Together with his followers, the Archons, he enslaved us within the Bliss-Robed Lie.

The Descent of the Angels. Sophia and the Aeons could no longer stand idle and allow us to remain in bondage. Traveling through the Lie, they began teaching us the truth that will set humanity free.

The War in Heaven. The Archons launched an attack that wrenched apart The Heavens, forcing Sophia and the Aeons to hide themselves within the World, cloaked in flesh deep within the Lie.

The Star Children. A few of the Nephalim, children of both mortal and divine parents, escaped to the Lower Heavens. Disguised as servitors of the Archons, they began liberating us one by one.

In the Flesh? Using stolen Archon secrets, our group discovered how we can hack into the World, anchored by a Nephalite or enlightened mortal. Early experiments were disastrous and deadly.

Planning a Prison Break. Starting today, we attack the Archons and their servitors directly, ripping the Lie from humanity’s eyes.

Any or all of this could be part of the Lie.

Initial Questions

* What are the Lower Heavens like?
* How were they damaged during the War?
* What is your base like?
* How do you avoid the attention of the Archons?
* What do you do when you’re not on missions?
* What are the Nephalim like?
* Are there other groups of Nephalim and liberated humans?
* What is the World like?
* How do you enter and exit the World?
* What are the servitors of the Archons like?
* How does the truth allow you to break the rules of the Lie?
* Have you encountered any Aeons? What are they like?
* Have you encountered any Archons? What are they like?
* Have you encountered Sophia? What is she like?
* Have you encountered the Great Architect? What is he like?

Example Hopes & Fears

Hopes for Succeeding
* I hope the Lie is destroyed.
* I hope we kill the Great Architect.
* I hope we take control of the World.

Hopes for Learning the Truth
* I hope we find Sophia and get advice from her.
* I hope we discover how Archons acquire their servitors.
* I hope we learn why the Great Architect hates humanity.

Hopes for the Future
* I hope we restore the former glory of the Lower Heavens.
* I hope we create a haven safe from the Archons.
* I hope we find God, wherever He is.

Rockfolk & Businessfolk

2008 Oct 21

Paraphrasing a recent conversation about publishing, I often find it helpful to think about independent publishing in terms of “rockfolk” and “businessfolk.” Individual publishers don’t always fall cleanly into one of these categories — Luke, for example, seems to be both — so it’s really a question of priorities.

Folks who approach independent publishing like a business, making deals based on sales, the market, profits and losses, have a pretty different perspective than folks who approach publishing as if they were members of a rock band. While rockfolk keep an eye on the money, for sure, their primary motivations are pretty different: creating an experience or connection with their audience, expressing something, sticking it to The Man, rocking the fuck out, etc. Businessfolk, in all likelihood, care about those things too, so it’s about emphasis, along a continuum.

Me, I’m pretty firmly in the rockfolk side of things and, as I basically said a couple of posts back, I’m interested in working with other rockfolk on the creative side of things, but when it comes to business, I only want to work with businessfolk, assuming I even get involved in business at all. One moody artist prone to dramatic decisions is enough, thanks, when money and creative rights are on the line. That’s why collaborative projects like Push or Secret Wars have to be purely creative, non-business-related exercises. But, if I eventually have something I want to sell, I’m going to shop it around to people who are more businessfolk-y, like Justin or Fred or Chris Pramas, someone who gets excited about dealing with markets and sales.