[Dream Game] Escape from the Tombs

2008 Oct 22

Bizarre dreams last night, including a semi-RPG and a lost episode of Avatar Book III. This post is about the game, which seemed like a cross between Fred Hick’s Escape or DIE! and Jason Morningstar’s Drowning & Falling. I was at JiffyCon (in the dream) and planned to play some Exalted hack with Shreyas and Elizabeth, but we were waiting for the game to start, so we wandered over to another table where folks where playtesting another game.

The game involved placing cards on the table to form a basic labyrinthine dungeon, with some cards connecting to others and some not, very much like what a finished dungeon in Drowning & Falling looks like. And then the group decides on some basic reason that all their characters are trapped in a dungeon. I said, “Can I suggest that this is some kind of ancient archaeological site that we’ve stumbled into while looking for valuable cultural artifacts, Indiana Jones style?” Folks were very enthusiastic about that suggestion.

Play consisted of rolling some dice to see if 1) you could move between rooms, in the hopes of grabbing something valuable before fleeing for your life, and 2) making sure nothing terrible happened to your character in the new room. For example, I remember Shreyas rolled a success on movement and a failure on preventing something bad, narrating, “Okay, the door in front of me has a symbol like a purple bubble wand on it — P.S. there are bubble wands in this dungeon, okay — so I blow some bubbles on the door and it opens, but then some black tentacle shoots out from behind the door and pulls me through it, screaming.”

Unfortunately, that’s all I remember.

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