The Bliss-Robed Lie, Layout

2008 Oct 22

Right now, it’s looking like The Bliss-Robed Lie will be a free supplement for Bliss Stage, posted in alpha form here soon and eventually, once it’s been playtested, published free through Bleeding Play. After that, I’ll probably end up polishing up Agonia to be published the same fashion.

2 Responses to “The Bliss-Robed Lie, Layout”

  1. […] – post first batch of Murderland reviews (Six & Thirty Blackbirds) – finish playtest draft of Bliss-Robed Lie – draft rules for Nextwave […]

  2. […] Jonathan Walton’s Bliss-Robed Lie, a great example of what hacking and riffing RPGs can produce. […]

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