The Bliss-Robed Lie, Part 3

2008 Oct 22

This is the third part of my Matrix-y hack of Bliss Stage.


Trauma, Terror, & Gnosis. Trauma still represents a team leader’s mental anguish, killing them if it ever reaches seven (7). Terror represents how badly the mission is going and, additionally, how many servitors of the Archons have become aware of the characters. Gnosis replaces Bliss as the trait that removes characters from the group (they become the anchor of another group) or allows them to replace the group’s anchor (and have their player become the GM) once it hits 108 and a character becoming enlightened.

Truth, Trust, & Stress. The potency of a relationship lies in its authenticity, its ability to overcome the Lie. Truth, then, replaces Intimacy, while still using the Intimacy Levels Chart as a rough guideline for what Truth values represent. Trust and Stress remain.

Harm & Death. Team members involved in missions can suffer Harm if one or more objectives are not achieved, though Harm is not usually allotted for missions that are abandoned with even being attempted. Additionally, characters can gain Harm from broken relationships. Any character that gains three (3) Harm is killed and all team leaders gain 3xTruth in Gnosis, becoming more aware of death.

The First Action

The Plan. The Archons and their servitors are planning a new assault on the Lower Heavens, attempting to destroy your group and any other rebels they can find. In order to throw a wrench in their plan, you need to take out several targets, which can be key servitors, bases, artifacts, machines, or a mixture of the above. Each team will be responsible for taking out a single target, though it’s possible that teams from other groups are participating as well. The captain will clearly be leading one team, perhaps at the most important target, but each of his lieutenants will also be leading a team.

Initial Objectives. 1) Destroy the target; 2) Get out alive. If the first objective is unsuccessful, the team leader chooses one team member to gain Harm. If the second objective is unsuccessful, you’ll have more than Harm to worry about.

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