Dance Movies

2008 Oct 31

So I just watched Step Up 2 The Streets, the ultimate Halloween movie. And I was thinking, you could totally do this in Mist-Robed Gate. Whenever someone doesn’t want to make a choice, you have a dance fight. Now, most roleplayers probably aren’t used to describing dancing as well as they’re used to describing crazy attacks and defenses, but, with a little practice, I bet folks could turn out some wicked dance descriptions.

Also: Bollywood. Oh, yeah.

2 Responses to “Dance Movies”

  1. Brand Robins Says:

    Our brains seem to have similar thoughts. Just the other night I was thinking (after watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada) that I want to do a dance game, or maybe a dance and magic game.

  2. Jonathan Walton Says:

    I was thinking of a premise like:

    When the Bodhidharma arrived at Shaolin Monastery, he supposedly taught the monks the 18 Hands that would later develop into Shaolin Kungfu. What if the monks took these simple body exercises (which were probably more like yoga originally) and instead became the best Zen dancers in China?

    So when the Qing burn Shaolin Temple in 1644 — for subversive anti-Qing activities — the monks disperse throughout China, teaching their unique dance form everywhere they go.

    Fast forward to the reign of Kangxi, where dance troupes from all over China are competing in a national tournament to decide who gets to perform for the emperor himself.

    Is your rural dance crew from Henan prepared to take on the Uighur Sufi Mystic Whirlers from the far west? All for a chance at taking down the Qing?

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