Societies in Motion

2008 Nov 18

Another one of my crazier ideas.


4 Responses to “Societies in Motion”

  1. Marc Says:

    Explain yourself, Walton.

  2. Right away, Mr. Majcher!

    I like Joshua’s game Shock: but I’ve never really seen it as a science fiction game. It’s really just about human societies experiencing changes and is therefore also the best ancient / modern history game ever written. However, I also think Shock: could use a feedback loop by which human choices / behavior could affect the various shocks and issues. This would really give it legs to explore how these things develop over time.

    So Shock: Societies in Motion would be a supplement or stand-alone remix of Shock: Social Science Fiction that mixes the normal Shock: play with some elements that look more like, uh, the board game Civilization, so you can see how shocks and issues develop into new shocks and issues, based on how humans react to them.

    I’m not sure quite how it works yet, but it’s on one of my many backburners.

  3. Due to the total awesomeness of your splash image, you have my endorsement.

    What’s markedly different about what you’re describing here is that the society is guaranteed to be changed by the characters. In Shock: they’re just holding on for dear life.

    I’ve played some with it tweaked for neolithic society, by the way, as we discussed way back when. It takes a little tweaking — Shock: assumes that society is incomprehensibly huge, which isn’t at all the same as living in a 30 person tribe — but it does, in fact, work well to represent that.

  4. Cool, Joshua. I’ll definitely be picking your brain once I start fiddling with this further.

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