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Once I Finish My Other Projects…

2008 Dec 12


Three players on a team.
Three ranges on each side of the net (short, medium, long).
Three possible hits (save, set, spike) before the ball has to cross the net.
No positioning rolls; players automatically move to the spot where they last hit a ball.
No penalty to hitting a ball in your own range.
-2 penalty for each step out of your range (so you can still make diving saves).
Saving or setting a spiked ball means taking damage from the spike.
Sometimes you have to let the other team score to preserve your health for the next rounds.
First team to 5 points wins, with alternating teams serving?
Player traits: Might, Finesse, Taunt, Cheat, Dive, SUPER! etc.
Teams face off against each other in a city-wide tournament.
Or they can also fight evil teams like Cthuloid creatures and mad scientists.
One of the example teams is a baby, a monkey, and a robot.
Between matches you can call for refresh scenes or go adventuring in the city.