Following Suit

2008 Dec 18

The dead adhere to Spades (Swords), the suit of death, air, freedom, sudden change, military, strength, power, and suffering. The monks and nuns of Most Glorious Cage, the monastery of the ascetic dead entrusted to dwell in proximity to the living, carry gilded shovels which they use to bury ghosts that will not depart for the Dying Lands.

The dreamers adhere to Hearts (Cups), the suit of love, water, emotions, clergy, and religion. Um, maybe Shreyas can add appropriate imagery here.

The fated adhere to Clubs (Wands), the suit of war, peasants, farmers, fire, nature, simplicity, the will. The rod is the most basic tool of fateworkers, who frequently use it to dowse future events the way a water witch dowses for water. Thomas can add some more.

The keymakers adhered to Diamonds (Coins), the suit of wealth, earth, the body, possessions, merchants, traders. The lost nation, that may yet dwell in the glittering city on the moon, linked doorways through the use of small silver coins, ritual payment for physical passage. Though they rarely work for those not raised to understand the keys, such coins remain in rare quantities, the sign of a tradition long gone. Indeed, the keymakers’ remnants, those unable to obtain passage to the Silver City, are often called the “argent host,” for the coins they keep and use in reciting the chronicle.

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