Static Cling Spikeball Cities

2009 Jan 6

Why did I just buy material for making static cling decal stickers with my inkjet printer?

Because I’m eventually (after I finish the rest of my Top Five) going to begin work on an Agon hack, Super Spikeball, in which your Fate track is represented by the city itself. As you bring prosperity to your hometown, it grows, adding new locations (and new places to play spikeball). But when your city is attacked, those same locations can be damaged or even turned into piles of rubble that must be built over. And all this is represented graphically in the place space, looking a bit like SimCity 2000.


Can you bear this glorious burden? Can you fight back the city?

EDIT: Locations in the city, Spikeworth By-The-Sea, that I came up with during my lunch hour,

• Beachfront Beach – the starting location
• Spikeworth Ballosseum – the city spikeball stadium
• Megahumongoid Megacorp – a big business office tower
• Hurricane Farmacology – wind farm that harnesses man-made hurricanes
• Pyre Extinguishers – the local firefighters
• Spikeworth Intercrashional Zeppport – a dirigible terminal
• The Hospital Hospitaller – a militant medical center
• Futuretron Bizzaratory – a mad science lab
• Miskatonic Cthulhulogical Park – a zoo for foul horrors
• Captain Napbeard’s Anti-Piracy – buccaneers who fight copyright infringement
• Pagliacci State Clowniversity – a public, land-grant clown college
• Knievel Memorial Bridge – a ramp that allows you to jump the river
• The Carnival of Carnivores – a dinosaur park

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