I Feel Sufficiently Chastized

2009 Jan 23

I was poking around Adam Dray’s little indie MU experimentation parlor, The Foundry, yesterday. And, while they were very welcoming, both Adam and Dave were like: “Review our Murderland games, bi-atch!” So I’m going to temporarily give up my plans to start programming Transantiago as an 8-person MU game and try to finish Murderland reviews before I start getting death threats.

Also, thinking about text-based virtual worlds made me recall my youth playtesting Castle Marrach for Skotos. And I was like, “Didn’t I receive an email from one of the other playtesters a few months back? I wonder if I ever got around to responding to it.” So I went and checked and I got that note in September of 2007. Whoops. Double chastisement! I emailed the guy back and am going to have at least the first half of the Murderland reviews finished today. This has already dragged on too long, even if I was expecting, like, 8 games instead of 36.

6 Responses to “I Feel Sufficiently Chastized”

  1. dscleaver Says:

    I was really just messing around, not trying to chase you off.

  2. No worries, I will definitely be back soon :)

    Also, why haven’t I been reading your blog? Clearly something is amiss. Subscribed!

  3. Jmstar Says:

    You’ll feel so good when it’s done.

  4. Mo Says:

    Pie, bi-atch.

  5. mortengreis Says:

    Yeah, looking forward to your next reviews. Quite interested to see if there is anything as provocative as Tomas’ to start another discussion at my blog.

    Well, anyway I am enjoing reading your reviews. Good work.

  6. Reviews are up, bitches!

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