A Quick Diversion

2009 Jan 27

Something I’m putting together in the wee hours after work and walking the dog. Jason Morningstar’s agreed to do a bit of editing which is exciting. Woohoo! Everybody loves true crime drama.


6 Responses to “A Quick Diversion”

  1. Mark Causey Says:

    What happened to the “L” in “Los ultimas”?

  2. Português, não Espanhol.

  3. I love true crime drama!

  4. Jmstar Says:

    It’s neat!

  5. Yeah, I think it’s shaping up really well for a Alpha draft, especially thanks to JMS’s thoughtful comments. He’s not quite convinced yet, I think, but it’s nice to have a discerning audience to try to impress.

    I love Macau. What a crazy place!

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