Macau Events Calendar

2009 Jan 30

From a calendar of important events in Macau, 2008. Now I just need to find the actual dates for thes events in 1997-1999. The variety here illustrates just a bit of why I love Macau. There are probably a bunch of Portuguese holidays that were also celebrated before the handover.

• Chinese New Year
• Procession of the Passion of Our Lord, the God Jesus
• Feast of the God Tou Tei
• Easter
• Ching Ming (Pure Brightness, the ghost festival)
• Feast of Pak Tai
• A-Ma Festival
• Feast of Buddha (Feast of the Bathing of Lord Buddha)
• Feast of the Drunken Dragon
• Tam Kong Festival
• Procession of Our Lady of Fátima
• Dragon Boat Festival (Tun Ng Festival)
• Feast of Na Cha
• Feast of Kuan Tai
• Feast of Maidens
• Feast of Hungry Ghosts
• Mid-Autumn Festival
• National Day of the People’s Republic of China
• Festival of Ancestors (Chung Yeung Festival)
• All Souls Day
• Macau Grand Prix
• Feast of Immaculate Conception
• Christmas

4 Responses to “Macau Events Calendar”

  1. Jmstar Says:

    Hm, I get the secular and Portuguese Catholicism, are the rest Cantonese or are there internal divisions among the “Chinese” holidays?

  2. Jmstar Says:

    I guess they also break down along religious lines – spell it out for me.

  3. Jason: One thing that’s definitely going to be on the character sheet as default connections are the “Three Ladies” of Macau: the Virgin Mary, the Goddess of Mercy / Bodhisattva of Compassion (Guanyin / Avalokiteśvara), and Ama / Mazu / Matsu (the ocean goddess / queen of heaven). All three are depicted pretty much the same way, with similar symbology but come from three (or four?) different religious traditions (Catholicism, Chinese Buddhism, and Chinese folk religion). Also, people in Macau often honor all three at the same time, which is kinda alien from a Western perspective. The festivals here are similar. Some are Catholic, some Buddhist, some are popular religious festivals, some have Confucian overtones (like the Feast of Ancestors), one is the Grand Prix, but almost all of them are collectively celebrated by all the inhabitants of Macau.

    Check out the giant statue of Guanyin that’s on the southern part of Macau proper. It was intentionally designed to resemble both Mazu and Mary.

  4. Mo Says:

    This is priority 2. Pie is priority 1.

    Cleaver sent me.

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