The Tragic Tale of Caroline

2009 Jan 30

From the campaign we started planning last night:

There’s a song that’s spreading throughout the eastern settlements closest to the Darkheather (the lands controlled by weasels). Gwendolyn, the leader of the Mouse Guard, is worried, both because the events it describes might be true and because it’s causing mice to lose confidence in Lockhaven or even openly mock guardmice. Your patrol has been assigned to discover the true origins of the song.

The Tragic Tale of Caroline
(to a tune somewhere between “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” and “How Can I Keep from Singing?”)

Far down the road
in Woodruff’s Grove
Beneath a rosy pine
Was born a childe
Both brave and mild
They call’d her Caroline

She grew up strong
With will of iron
And when it fell her time
She gave her heart
Full to the Guard
For such was Caroline

Silent they stole
to Woodruff’s Grove
With intents serpentine
Those wicked stoats
Cut all their throats
Except for Caroline

“You vicious knaves
Shall meet your graves!
By all means take your time,
For soon the Guard
Will hit you hard!”
Or so said Caroline

They took her then
Back to their den
And gave their dark decree
“There’s no patrol
That’s quite so bold
As to return for thee”

The days they pass’d
First slow, then fast
The snow fell all around
But none there came
And so the flame
Of Caroline burn’d out

Now there’s no road
to Woodruff’s Grove
And weasels roam the pines
For still the Guard
With hearts so hard
Comes not for Caroline

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