The Razor

2009 Feb 7

We are rapidly approaching the day in which the difference between creating something and publishing it is whether anyone else knows of its existence. (Assuming that you’ll create virtual stuff with an online program like Google docs and anybody who knows it exists can Google for it.)

2 Responses to “The Razor”

  1. fredhicks Says:

    Which almost suggests that the differentiator between “published” and “not published” — in the paradigm you’re suggesting — is “marketing”. (Inasmuch as marketing is the process of publicizing something’s existence.)

  2. Paul Czege Says:

    Nah. Marketing isn’t the only way people find out about the existence of stuff. Marketing is about the creation of demand. Marketing only puts energy toward creating awareness because awareness is a precondition of demand. If I hire a marketer, they damn well better be doing more than creating awareness.

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