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Product Design Concept

2009 Feb 12
  • Print the board for Transantiago on the front of a 12″ x 12″ record flat
  • Print the rules on the back of the flat, so they can’t be consulted once play has begun
  • Package the flats in groups of 3-5 (however many will fit easily), inside a blank LP jacket
  • Print some custom stickers to label the jackets
  • Sell them, through somebody, with the intent that a new board is used each time the game is played, creating a visual record of play

Female MCs from London

2009 Feb 12

So I’ve been on a British hip-hop kick for a while and, since I got food poisoning from the Chinese chicken I had for lunch yesterday, I was up for most of the night and decided to browse YouTube for some new music. One of the coolest things I found was this video of 20 or so female MCs from the London area. The variety is great to see and many of them are clearly super talented. My favorites are probable No Lay, Mizz Teejah, Lioness, Freeza, Ria, and Sly. That, in turn, led me to this terrific music video by No Lay, who is sufficiently badass to spit rhymes while braiding a toddler’s hair. And, then there’s this incredible non-stop flow by No Lay and her boy Ghetto.