Product Design Concept

2009 Feb 12
  • Print the board for Transantiago on the front of a 12″ x 12″ record flat
  • Print the rules on the back of the flat, so they can’t be consulted once play has begun
  • Package the flats in groups of 3-5 (however many will fit easily), inside a blank LP jacket
  • Print some custom stickers to label the jackets
  • Sell them, through somebody, with the intent that a new board is used each time the game is played, creating a visual record of play

7 Responses to “Product Design Concept”

  1. Jmstar Says:

    Is not being able to consult the rules a design feature?

  2. I actually did something similar with Dirty Secrets by printing a portion of the game board on the back of the book. If you remember how to play, it’s great. If you’ve forgotten a rule, though, it’s a little irritating to have to disrupt the game setup.

    Of course, what I usually do is have another copy of the book at hand, so I can refer to it as needed.

    Which is to say…I wonder if this design will not actually accomplish the desired effect but will just be an annoyance to the user.

    Though, I am curious. Why do you want to stop people from consulting the rules?

  3. Transantiago has, like, 6 rules. It’ll be okay. I want people to not be able to consult the rules because they’re not that important. I want them to own the game from the moment they start play and not keep giving authority to some guy who’s the designer who isn’t even there.

  4. Jmstar Says:

    Make sure you put “DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT; JUST MAKE SOMETHING UP” in big letters on the game board side.

  5. Willem Says:

    I find this really exciting – with sufficiently simple rules, it puts the onus on the players to negotiate their ‘system’, as it would work anyway. kind of like an oral tradition. :) i’d love to see how this would change the dynamic of play.

  6. Willem Says:

    It also reminds me of my collection of paper bullseye’s from the gun range that i have as reminders of how i shot. a fun mnemonic on remembering play, to have a souvenir. you could give it away to the newest newbie playing, and they could tell their friends the story of playing, using the map as an aid.

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