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2009 Feb 15

Looks like Dreamation is a no-go, considering I have an overdue paper for work that I have to finish this week. That’s the second big con I’ve had to back out of in a row, after GenCon this past summer. Scheduling should be better, I hope, if I end up going back to grad school in the fall, but I feel the worst about disappointing folks that were expecting to see me or play in my sessions. I was really looking forward to finally playing some of the Murderland games too.

P.S. If you pre-registered for any of my events, email me (jaywalt at gmail) and I’ll try to make it up to you somehow (free copies of Mortal Coil Revised and Transantiago, maybe?). Vinney is already giving me a world of shit for having to cancel after pre-registration, probably because it means some people who chose my games may be locked out of many of their second choices now. That totally blows and I apologize for having screwed-up other people’s Dreamation schedule.