Chinese Post-Punk on iTunes

2009 Feb 16

When did this happen? Why didn’t anybody tell me?

• Zi Yue
• P.K. 14
• Rebuilding the Rights of Statues
• Wild Children
• Car-Sick Cars
• and more that I haven’t found yet.

Yay, globalization! Nothing like drowning my sorrows in the weird, dissonant, semi-melodic plodding of multiple generations of post-Communist disillusionment. Rock on!

4 Responses to “Chinese Post-Punk on iTunes”

  1. Lukas Says:

    I don’t normally use iTunes, but you can get Queen Sea Big Shark through Amazon downloads as well.

  2. Jonathan Walton Says:

    Yeah, I was just listening to them on eMusic, which also has a pretty extensive selection of Chinese stuff, but it’s all hidden and nearly impossible to find. Clearly someone (like me) needs to go through and sort it all out. I had no idea this stuff was even available.

    It’s actually really funny that they talk about “Chinese post-punk” all the time, because China never had punk. But all the language we have to talk about music is based on our musical traditional and China has largely adopted those terms instead of developing their own.

  3. Lukas Says:

    Yeah, I’d love it if you kept posting about anything good you find.

  4. shreyas Says:

    What Lukas said.

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