So Close

2009 Feb 24

This is so Shreyas can help me write the bodhisattva and station descriptions.


Yes, I realize that the front and back of the token sheet doesn’t line up. That’s intentional, so you have to flip your bodhisattva card and place it next to the cards of the players sitting on either side of you to read the station descriptions. Bodhisattvas are controlled by a single player, but stations are controlled by two players working together. When your bodhisattva visits a station that you jointly control, this allows the other player to control the station while you move through it. However, if two players jointly control a station together, both of their bodhisattvas cannot be in that station at the same time, since nobody can play the station.

Also, once you discover the deva hiding within a station (for example, The Assassin), that station can no longer be visited. In fact, the token representing the station now represents the emerged deva and moves around the map, jointly controlled by the same players as before. Devas do not need to stop in order to change lines, plus, they can travel and conduct passengers to Annihilation/Creation Station, the site of the endgame.

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