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Pre-Zhou Kings

2009 Mar 8

Found these illustrations by Japanese mangaka Natsuki Sumeragi of the Yellow Emperor (legendary), Yu the Great (legendary), King Jie of Xia & King Tang of Shang (historical but not archeologically verified), and King Zhou of Shang (historical and verified) with the concubine frequently blamed for the Shang downfall, Daji. It’s too bad Natsuki skipped King Wu Ding of Shang, the most honored and verified of the Shang Kings, and his warrior-priestess-wife Fu Hao, but these images are great nevertheless.

I think it’s really neat how Asian artists depict the early Chinese rulers in more tribal or ethnic-looking costumes, but still have them resemble later royal or upper class clothing. Some artists go the half-nobles, half-cavemen route, showing early figures wearing leopard skins and the like, but Natsuki takes a more dignified approach here.