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Little Known Fact

2009 Mar 9

If you are making Newman-O flavored liquor with Everclear, the strong booze will strip the cream off the cookies almost instantly. Now I’m going to let it sit several days to see if it’ll strip some of the chocolate flavor out as well. Then, I’ll cut it with 2/3 water and some simple syrup.

Yes, making flavored booze is one of my other hobbies.

Tang & the Alter of Xia

2009 Mar 9

More great quotes from Sima Qian’s wikisource text

汤既胜夏 Once Tang was victorious over the State of Xia
欲迁其社 He desired to remove their alter
不可 But he was not able
作夏社 So he made it into the Alter to Xia

I love that the text doesn’t say why Tang wasn’t able to remove the alter; just that he couldn’t do it. And also, that Tang responded by turning it into an alter to his vanquished foes and their ancestors, just in case anyone was upset by what he’d done. Awesome.

Tang in the Vineyard

2009 Mar 9

予畏上帝 I fear the High God
不敢不正 [and thus] must rectify the world (lit. “not dare not rectify”).
今夏多罪 Currently the State of Xia has many sins;
天命殛之 Heaven’s will is that it be destroyed.

— Tang, 15th King of the State of Shang (c. 1500 BC) and conquerer of Xia, according to Sima Qian’s Records of the Grand Historian (c. 100 BC)