How to Flood Your Encounters

2009 Mar 10

I think my first series of encounters for Nine Suns Must Fall is going to be a flood, so I’ve been looking for 4E adventures that have fights that are half-submerged or take place along the edges of a watery disaster. I want to have flooded temples and villages and the underwater abode of the river god. That led me — through a complicated process — to pick up Wolfgang Bauer’s Wrath of the River King adventure. Excitingly, it has a bunch of really useful examples written by a guy who’s had a lot more experience with D&D than me. Rock.

I still don’t understand why D&D adventures don’t include full-size maps for every encounter that GMs can print out and use. I mean, WTF? I’m supposed to re-draw every map on a squared whiteboard? That’s ridiculous, especially since the adventures have maps in them. Is it really too much to ask that they include maps that are big enough to actually use?

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