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What a Week

2009 Mar 11

Today I was separated from my job in a relatively amicable way, my chief regret being that I won’t be able to finish the recent project on Chinese science research that I started a couple weeks back. Hopefully grad school will work out shortly or some other options will present themselves, so I’m not too worried. Honestly, things have been so stressful and disconcertingly strange in my work environment recently that I’m kind of relieved I don’t have to deal with that anymore. I’m a bit worried about the long term prospects of the think-tank I just left, but hopefully they’ll be able to pull things together.

This unexpected news came on top of us dogsitting for a neighbor’s dog that vomited in every room of our apartment last night. Fun stuff. At least Hannah is starting new work next week, so we won’t both be unemployed at the same time. And my boss said they’d make sure I was okay for the next little bit, so money isn’t an immediate concern, especially with my savings.

Anyway, not sure what my much freer days will consist of now. Murderland reviews will be much easier to finish, that’s for sure. Plus, it’ll be nice to have the option to finish some reading and a few personal projects over the rest of the week before spending time this weekend looking at my options for the future.