A Jumble of Recent Thoughts

2009 Mar 13

The Newman O booze turned out so well that I tossed the orange rooibos booze I’d made several weeks back. I think the new booze is mostly cream-flavored, that not a lot of chocolate was infused into the Everclear, but I’ll have to see what other people think when we break it out to share. Additionally, there’s this ongoing issue where adding water to an Everclear infusion sometimes makes it turn cloudy. I’m not sure what to blame. Maybe something in the tap water (iron from the pipes, flouride)? Next time I might try bottled spring water.

Mouse Guard last night was great, if a sordid affair involving a ton of dice rolling through three-and-a-half separate conflicts. Robert was saying he’s not sure he’s ready to stop playing after Session 6 next week, but I feel like need a break and reconvening things later on seems like it might be full of troubles. We’ll see.

As far as the inevitable “What to play after Mouse Guard?” issus goes, this morning I was realizing that it would probably be much easier to run Fingers on the Firmament in 4E, given the tools I have available, than Nine Suns Must Fall. So I’m thinking about doing that instead and maybe saving Nine Suns Must Fall for later. Nine Suns might even end up being a Dogs in the Vineyard hack, since so many folks on SG were saying they wished there were alternate Dogs settings available.

In other news, I am continually reminded that playing and writing games makes me more excited about playing and writing games, while talking about games on internet forums makes me less excited about playing and writing games. This is a lesson I never seem to learn. Seems like talking about games on blogs and chats is the way to go, most of the time.

3 Responses to “A Jumble of Recent Thoughts”

  1. Simon C Says:

    With the alcohol cloudyness, the issue may not be impurities in your water, but particles suspended in the alcohol you’re mixing it with. If you’re mixing with infused alcohol, then there’s certainly suspended particles. Mixing with water does weird things to the molecular makeup of the liquid, and emulsifies the particles, making it get all cloudy. Absinthe drinkers used to think this was really cool.

    It’s a whole chemistry thing.

  2. DevP Says:

    I’m curious: where was the thread about folks wanting alternate Dogs settings? Maybe I should finish some of my potential alt-skins for Dogs.

  3. Simon: Yeah, I was talking to my friend Eric about this, who’s a computational physicist who studies the properties of water. He suggested going with distilled water, which I may try next time.

    Dev: It was in that Jenskot thread about “One Game You Like, One Thing You Would Change About It.” Lots of folks named Dog and then listed “the setting” as something they wanted to change.

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