The Queen Lives

2009 Apr 13

This is the plan I outlined to Dev today, to be tackled after I finish a couple other outstanding projects.

Publish each “stage” of The Snow Queen individually, either ransomed or sold electronically. Each stage includes a write up and 8-bit pictures of new characters and items, a map and description of locations and complications, and a original musical track to serve as the soundtrack for that particular stage. Playing through a single stage probably takes 1-3 sessions, depending on how you play, how long each session goes, and how many players there are.

After all the stages are complete and published individually, sell a deluxe version packaged in a DVD case, with a CD containing all the music and a booklet containing all the rules. The combined map is printed on the front and/or back of the cover insert.

Release the Title Screen track (mp3 sketch, not final) and the introduction for free, so people have a good sense of what they’re getting. Maybe I’ll work up a free “boss fight” track as well, for when you face bosses and mini-bosses.

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