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Danger Sxool Playtest Notes

2009 Apr 17

I posted my playtest notes for Danger Sxool, in case anybody interested in what a first draft of a Harper-style scenario might look like, before it’s been put through the paces. If you’re vaguely familiar with Mouse Guard, Bliss Stage, and Nobilis — and can decipher my very sketchy rules notes — you might be able to play from just this, but these are really notes to myself, to be fleshed out after playing it a bit.

There’s no character creation guidelines, but I’m thinking 20 points of abilities and 6 points of powers for starting characters. We’ll try that out and tweak from there. Maybe next week at SGBoston? Should be more accessible than my Continuum hack, though I’ve yet to try that one out either (only had two players last time, so we played Formula De instead). Excited about both of these hacks, though.