Joy! Joy! Chocolypse

2009 Jun 8

Aside from finishing Murderland reviews, I’m working on a “proof of concept / demo” version of Transantiago that you can play just using a printed PDF gameboard (black and white) and the tokens from Zombie Cinema. Thematically, the game is like Nine Worlds + Candyland. My working title is “Joy! Joy! Chocolypse.”

The plot goes something like this: Everything was wonderful in the Lollyswirl System until scientists determined that the medium-sized Lemon Drop Sun was about to expand to become a massive Chocolate Giant! Now, as ambassadors from the various confectionery planets, you must travel to neighboring worlds along the Rainbow Roads, attempting to rally all the alien peoples of Lollyswirl against the impending chocolypse. However, each planet has its own problems to deal with, which you must solve before you can count on that world’s support.

– Cream (White d6)
– Spice (Red-Orange d6)
– Sugar (Pink d6)
– Mint (Green d6)
– Berry (Purple d6)
– ??? (Blue d6)
– Chocolate Obelisk? (Black Pyramid)

4 Responses to “Joy! Joy! Chocolypse”

  1. Graham Says:

    Surely you need to use chocolates as counters and eat them when people die?


  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Gumdrops, totally. I dunno about the chocolate obelisk. A piece of toblerone?

    Personally, I’d separate red and orange into different flavors and GET RID OF BLUE ENTIRELY BLUE IS NOT A FOOD (sorry, I don’t eat anything blue and have weirdly strong feelings on it), but if you insist, most blue I have seen is passed off as “Blue raspberry.”

  3. Graham: That is genius. Clearly I’ll get more playtesting if the game requires eating a lot of chocolate.

    Elizabeth: The Toblerone Obelisk sounds awesome. Unfortunately, the colors are fixed if I’m going to have the game work with the components from Zombie Cinema. I was thinking this morning that cotton candy is always blue, yeah? That might be a good place to go. Or do the “blue raspberry” route and have blue be the color of sour candy (ultra sour gummi worms, etc.).

  4. Hmm, maybe adjectives?


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