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It’s Finished

2009 Jun 10


Check out the alpha draft here.

Let This Be a Sign Unto You

2009 Jun 10

Hey, it’s the first thread about the “SG community”, which means that forum’s useful days are numbered (i.e. things have gotten so strained that folks stop ignoring it and start talking about it). I’m only somewhat kidding. When the Forge started having umpteen threads about what the Forge was and how to be supportive and etc., that’s when you knew things were pretty much over. Of course, the Forge is still a great place now for specific purposes, but is very different than it was before, so I imagine SG will similarly stick around to fulfill a much smaller niche (direct promotion, perhaps).

My best guess is that we won’t see another forum that serves as a gathering place for all of indie roleplaying. Things are so diverse and fragmented right now that blabbing and design will happen in a dozen different places, only coming together at conventions and meetups. The end of an era? Perhaps, but the beginning of another one as well.