It’s Finished

2009 Jun 10


Check out the alpha draft here.

3 Responses to “It’s Finished”

  1. Guy Shalev Says:

    I really like this picture/cover.

    Really loving the darker pink at the top corners.

  2. John Harper Says:

    Really nice work. This is not my cup o’ tea, game wise, but whatever. I still dig it.

  3. Guy: I really love this artist, Sheena Aw, too. At some point I should definitely do a project where I license her artwork or hire her to do something custom. This was just a short one-off free disposable thing, so I’ll have to come up with something else.

    John: I appreciate that, John. It’s cool when people dig stuff while knowing it’s not their thing. That’s how I felt flipping through S7S at the store the other day (aside from the cover, which just _really_ isn’t my thing): a very cool game that I’ll probably never play.

    By the way, you might dig this: the little spikey corners around the image are made by a glitch I discovered in IDCS4 that I decided to milk. Pretty cool, huh? It happens sometimes if you try to round the corners of a shape that already has a thick, fancy border.

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