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8-Bit Gnoll Pack

2009 Jun 14

Lowfi Console 4E Product

2009 Jun 14

Prepping for Doppeleffect has got me thinking about a potential 4E product (though who knows if One Bad Egg or anyone else would be interested in a product like this) that looks something like this:

  • a set of 32×32 pixel tiles for making 4E maps in a lowfi, 16-bit style (as PNG and PSD, maybe?)
  • a number of example maps constructed with the tileset
  • a number of homemade sprites for various monsters and PC types
  • a number of sample encounters using the example monsters and maps
  • some thoughts on how to structure a game as if it’s a mid-1990s console RPG
  • a few homemade chiptunes tracks to help serve as a “soundtrack” for the example adventure

What do you think? Is this a product that you’d be interested in? I feel like I’m going to make 65% of this over the course of running my “old school console RPG”-themed 4E game over the next month, so it only makes sense to put this stuff out in a form that other people might use, whether that’s as a commercial project or just something I release for free.

Il Contatore Geiger

2009 Jun 14

Geiger Counter is now available in Italian, thanks to the cool folks at and Fabrizio Tronci. Remember, it’s “il massimo divertimento che puoi ottenere mentre vieni divorato!”