JLC Muzak?

2009 Jun 27

I’m sitting here in Bruegger’s Bagels and Jump Little Children’s Mexico just came on the speakers… but it’s not Jay Clifford singing but some female vocalist. Who in the world is it? Also, if I search for the song, how many of the tracks I find will be covers of James Taylor’s Mexico?

P.S. iTunes has failed me. I have no idea who that was.

4 Responses to “JLC Muzak?”

  1. Buzzregog Says:

    iPhone + Shazam app rocks these situations :)

  2. April Says:

    Hey I was looking for the same thing as you, I keep hearing this song on my work radio, took me a while to find it but the girl singing is Rachael Sage.

  3. April: Thanks for that! Nice find.

  4. Also, check out this old school Gilian Welch-style country one performed by Cary Ann Hearst.

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